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The Boy From Kent

My name is Wilber Leon. I go by my real name. Wilber. Im from the seattle area in the south sound. kent city raised me. I grew up on both sides of kent. East hill and West hill. Kent my home and always will be. im only 24 years old. My life changed when I was 14 years old and I saw the movie 8 Mile with Eminem in it. After watching that movie I realized that Rap was the life and career that I wanted in my life. Eminem changed my life after that and I started practicing writing music and freestyling. From learning how to flow and learning how to freestyle and put rhymes together. I get my style from my idols that I look up to. Jay-z, snoop dogg, Nas, biggie smalls,Lil wayne, Drake, Dr.Dre, and my greatest idol....Eminem. I currently am slowly building myself up independently with very little help. At 21years old I finally released my first mixtape "First Step" on soundcloud and music streaming sites. 8 months later I released my second mixtape "2" on soundcloud and other music streaming sites. After feeling like a failure watching both my mixtapes flopped I finally released my third mixtape "Sounds from the 6ix" on august 2018. So far I am seeing more recognition and I have performed a few times at small music venues.  I am starting to see more recognition with my music and I hope that if your reading this you listen and share my music. I just recently released my new EP "4 Package" and i also released a music video along with it. Go to the music page to listen to all my other albums and i hope you enjoy my music and spread the word about me!!!



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